Projectmanagement according our vision.

A new project is started, but you need all your people to run the day –to-day business. Or you are missing some roles. Improvement factory can support you to organise, prepare, plan, execute and control your project. To close your project successfully. 


At the start of your project we discuss the starting points of your project, to set up a suitable activity schedule. Together we will determine the targets, requirements and wishes of the project. With this information we will make a plan of action, to discuss with you. If we both agree, we will make an offer with clear direction of our activities.


We take care of execution and/or support in project. We use our knowledge and experience for execution of a successful project. A project that meets customers wishes.

"Make it as simple as possible,
but not simpler"


Frank van de Graaf
+316 – 25 32 14 48
[email protected]

Geert Cloosterman
+316 – 22 32 10 82
[email protected]

Gerard Geurts
+316 - 29 81 94 11
[email protected]

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People are responsible adults at home. Why do we suddenly transform them into adolescents with no freedom when they reach the workplace?

Ricardo Semler

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