Our improvement process, a proven success

To be competitive you always have to be one step ahead of the competitors. Together with all employees focus on reviewing the processes and starting activities to improve is a need. Higher productivity and better quality will help to reduce the cost of the products. Hereby the customers will be more satisfied as they already are.


At the start of your project, together with you we will work on a clear definition of the question you have. Together, we will determine the targets, requirements and wishes of the project. With this information we will make an action plan and we will discuss it with you. If we both agree, we make an offer with clear directions of our activities.

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Define and measure

The first step is mapping the current situation. Together with the customer we will define key performance indicators for the project and start measurements. We will support this process and  provide methods to get a good view on the situation.


When sufficient measurement data is collected. Verbeterfabriek will analyse the data and if needed perform extra measurements. The analysis will give possible causes to work on. The outcome of the analysis and the possible causes will be discussed with you.

"We improve the processes in
companies by filling the gaps"

Improvement actions

The causes found in the analysis will be translated in improvement actions. These actions have to lead to elimination of the root-causes. Together with you, the actions to start with will be selected. The costs and revenues of these actions will be mapped. We will have an advisory role, the end-decision is at the customer.


The selected improvement actions will be implemented. In most cases the customer will have a big role in the implementation because of their better knowledge of the systems. We will particularly support and think along for the correct implementation of improvement actions.


By eliminating the root cause,  the new situation will be in control to a great extent. To monitor the new situation we provide methods. It can be needed to do small checks or perform actions to maintain the achieved situation. For thi, we also provide methods and if required we can also carry out the aftercare

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