A small team with high quality.

People from Improvement factory are ready to make the next step to a successful future with your company. Our focus is to support production, process industry and the supporting organisations.

We’d like to work together to reach a more efficient and effective organisation.

Together we will pinpoint the possibilities in your organisation to work more efficient and effective. Together we can work on these topics to implement improvements the will lead to a better organisation.

Improvement factory has a broad experience in project management. If you have projects planned, and you need extra support, improvement factory is your partner.

We combine a broad knowledge of technical experience with our knowledge of business administration. This unique combination, together with an extensive work experience in product and process industry makes Improvement factory the professional partner.

Frank van de Graaf

Frank van de Graaf has a broad experience in the product and process industry.

In the last 15 years he executed different roles: project manager, qualification lead, production improvement coaching, commissioning & qualification, Scheduling, change management and Business case activities.

Frank is an enthusiastic person with a positive attitude. Strong team player, who is able to create a constructive environment with transparency and commitment. Strong personal characteristics: pragmatic, strong in communication, team player, innovative and has a finish mentality.

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Geert Cloosterman

Geert Cloosterman has a lot of experience in production processes and engineering in high tech industry and pharmaceutical industries. With his knowledge to improve the quality of products and processes he put many company’s on a higher level.

Together with different companies he started and implemented continuous improvement programs. As project manager he worked on different type of projects and also gave a lot of support in validation engineering.

Geert is known as a great team player and is able to bring structure in complex challenges. He always works on the best solution for all stakeholders. 
In his free time he uses his knowledge as board member of a football club to build on a healthy and pleasant club.

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Gerard Geurts

Gerard Geurts has a lot of experience in the field of project management in both the semiconductor industry and the food industry and pharmaceutical industry. In addition, with his Black Belt background, he gained a lot of knowledge in the field of process improvement for the benefit of technical processes and business processes.

It gives Gerard satisfaction to make these processes more efficient and effective in a constructive and transparent manner within an organization. As a team player, he guides the people in these process developments, in order to make them better in their work and to increase their job satisfaction. This combination makes an important contribution to the sustainable and demonstrable improvement of process and organization.

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